This post is about some important tips you need to know before starting a travel blog. I am here to help and explain to you why you must know the following tips. 

Tips for Blogs

Tips for Blogs

A Travel Blog

First, I would ask you to think why you want to start a travel blog? Many people have landed on this blogging career, but many have made mistakes and given up along their way. I do not want to hear from you saying you have given up this blogging career. So…let’s ask ourselves some questions.

What is my passion? What do I want to do and become most? If travel is your main passion in life, I do not stop you from starting a blog. I recommend you to turn your life into one of the adventures and wanderlust.

Second, you need to know that many successful travel bloggers have dominated this blogging career. However, you must never lose your goal and dream. In fact, this is your passion…right! Whoever gives up his/her passion? I guess…NONE! So, let’s talk about the tips for a travel blog.

Blogging Takes Time and Effort

My friends, this is my word for you — whatever kinds of blogging you do, it requires time and effort. You have to put in everything you have and think of blogging as your full-time job. THIS BLOGGING IS MY BUSINESS!

Another fact is you need many skills in blogging because you will have to start from scratch or the beginning. You have to know web-design, coding, photography skills, writing skills, social media knowledge, graphic design, and more. It has taken my time and effort to learn many skills — you know what I am not the expert in those skills. However, I have improved the skills through practices and learning from Youtube.

Blogging is NOT Free

Blogging is not about just writing on the online blog platform. You need to have a “DOMAIN” and “WEB-HOSTING”. I recommend you to get those two when you start your blogging career. Having your own domain and personal website will ensure your exposure to the readers and others. You can get a free domain when you buy a hosting such as Bluehost, iPage, and Godaddy.

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Get Social First

Your success in blogging career depends on the social connection you have. Many new bloggers fail to implement it, so they just give up from the start. If you are going to start a blog, you have to make sure you know the big and bigger bloggers in your niche or areas. It is like making a mutual friendship. You know how to make friends at schools and other places. So, this blogging is another place for you to connect with friends and people around the world. And I recommend you to get social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. You have to master ONE at least — Master it and Practice it. You can also use the other social media as you like.

Design A Beautiful Blog

Why do I emphasize you to have a beautiful blog design? The answer is very simple. Your readers are mostly visual intelligent. If your blog is ugly and hard to read, I am sure nobody will read it. You will just be fishing in the blogging pond. I emphasize and recommend you to get a beautiful theme which is clear and simple to the readers’ eyes.

When we talk about design, I want to remind you to choose a theme which is friendly and appealing to Google’s Search Engine. It has to be responsive in your laptop as well as mobile phones. Many readers are comfortable using their mobile phones more than the laptops.

Don’t Expect to Get Paid Instantly

Blogging takes time and effort…remember!!! You will not get paid instantly when you start blogging. Don’t worry if you are not paid from your blog. Your goal is to make money — and making money is not easy. I say it again — never give up, my friends.

Now you know that blogging is your passion and you are blogging your niche. So, just continue doing what you do, the profit will follow you accordingly.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is the key to success. You need to have a schedule for the flow of your blog posts published, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and other social media posts. Don’t let your readers wait and anticipate your upcoming blogs. I recommend you to post new blog posts every 3 days. For social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you must post every day. Then, you must try to pin 50 new pins every day to your Pinterest page!

Use the Right Equipment

I don’t want your readers to be mad at you. I want them to love your posts — blogs, images, and others. In order to have those better quality posts, you need to use the right equipment. Choose the best equipment and start using them to get the attention of your old and new readers and subscribers.

My Conclusion

Guys….again Blogging is not an easy task! It takes time and effort. I do not want to pressure you because it is difficult. If it is easy, then many people will be millionaires. So, I hope you have found something useful from my information and learned how to prepare yourself before starting a blog.

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